What store(s) are the SLT cameras on display at?

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Re: What store(s) are the SLT cameras on display at?

This has certainly been a problem with Sony.  BB has been the only place I can find one without traveling at least 500 miles.  Until recently they had them, but didn't have them set up with a charged battery.  Currently they have an A57 which you can try, but it's on the cumbersome tether so you don't get a great feel for it's size and weight.

Sony has some serious marketing issues in the USA with their camera line, especially the DSLR (SLT) models and I don't understand how they expect to expand as a serious contender in the market if they don't get them into the stores for people to see.  While at that, they also need to educate the salespeople as to the "advantages" of the SLT models as many are put off when they do look through them in the store.

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