G12 $299 at B&H

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: G12 $299 at B&H

sleibson wrote:

Well Daniel, I'm sure the LX7 is a nice camera and you seem to recommend it a lot in the Forums. I don't have one personally, so I can't vouch for it. But looking at the photos of it in the review on dpreview.com, I can see it has far fewer manual controls than the G11 or G12 and it seems to lack an articulated LCD. So it would not be a better camera for my purposes. Just goes to show that different people have different criteria for picking a camera.

No articulating screen...true...but what exactly manual control is it missing that you need? Also, I've recommended it only a few times, and only lately because of the huge price drop. If money were no object I'd pick the XZ-2 over the LX7, just like I chose the XZ-1 over the LX5.  Previous G series (before the G15), IMHO, had much too slow lenses to be competitive.

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