Split Screen, ...Why aren't alternative VF screens available in modern DSLRs?

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Re: Why it's an annoyance...

This is all nonsense.. Nikon already makes millions of screens which are fitted as standard to the cameras, it would cost nothing to ask the supplier for a few more offering different abilities... No development cost either..., the older screens (might) only need to be altered in current dimensions, ...no redesign of the screen mounting frame is required either since alternative screens would have to have the exact dimensions of the already existing ones... No regular under schedule production is required either... nothing at all whatsoever!

Joseph covered this part.

They just don't care because they consider the profit insignificant to bother ...which shows how much they respect photographers, in fact that's the only difference from the past, while in the past the majority of consumers were photographers, now the major market is "gadget consumers - snap shooters"... which after all is clearly evident from the majority of DPR posts!!!

False. It has always been the enthusiasts who bought pro gear that were the majority, at least for 35mm. What has changed, is that few people focus manually any more, because:

  1. Auto-focus has become so good, it will miss far less than the photographer. I would go as far as to say that a photojournalist or wedding photographer (or any pro that has to catch the right moment) is wasting his time and may miss the moment if he focuses manually.
  2. For those cases where you need to focus manually (like macro) live view beats any focusing screen.

Split-image screens are cool, and I hate to see them go, but I never bothered installing one in any of my auto-focus cameras, even when they were still available. Just not worth the effort.


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