What store(s) are the SLT cameras on display at?

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Re: What store(s) are the SLT cameras on display at?

My local area BB stores have only single A57 on display next to several Canons and Nikons including FF Nikon D600.

They used to have A77, but not anymore.I do not now how Sony wants to sell their SLT's without physical presence in the stores.It used to be the same problem with Minolta.

In the contrary I am impressed with Nikon's marketing department,Nikon kits are everywhere I go, from the basic D3100 to FF D600.Nikon introduced cameras early enough to get reviews and fueled distribution pipeline well before holiday season with right pricing, even new D600 got $100 rebate.

I was able to try D600 in BB and Costco and so far I never saw single A99.I guess Sony concentrates on NEX system, but NEX-6 went on sale to late for holiday season, so no wonder with that policy they will get disappointing results.

Sorry for that rant, but I am really disappointed with Sony' lack of presence in B&M stores.

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