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Re: Traveling to New Zealand: lenses

Hi there.  I live in Christchurch, NZ and get off out around the South Island 3-4 times a year visiting family and taking the sites in.  A bit easier for me to pack everything in the car so I don't need to choose which lenses -have even been known to throw the roof box on to avoid making the call on what stays home (that was winter gear in the roof box - not camera gear).

If I had to choose a limited kit of my gear to go with the D700 to do New Zealand it would be in order, 24-120 F4, 16-35 f4.  My last choice would be close to yours, 100 f2.8 macro and a 80-400.

Your best chance of needing the reach will be in Doubtful Sound.  I did the same overnight cruise there last year.  Tipped with rain the first day and was a beautiful clear morning the next.  Had some dolphins swimming with us for a while and some seals and penguins on the rocks.  Auckland and Wellington are similar to other cities and don't have a huge need for reach.  You would miss a few shot, but nothing you would loose sleep over.  Miss a Dolphin jumping out of the water due to not having the right gear and it will p' you off.

When I have shot with a lens range similar to the 24-70 (18-55 on DX) - I have been really frustrated with the lack of reach.  I don't get that with the 24-120 - at a push, I could live with that on a one lens trip.  The 80-400 does not get much use - unless there is wild life or an airshow.

At a macro level, I don't find myself reaching for it that much when away from home.  Some of that is the time constraints of travelling with the family.  As understanding as they are - I don't often make them wait while I change lenses and crawl around in the undergrowth.

My pick would be the 70-300.  I think you will use it, not much, but if the opportunity is there to need it - you will be upset you only have the 100mm.

Some photos from our south of the south trip last year here....

Think this one is my favorite... would go back to Doubtful Sound tomorrow - a magical place, even in the rain.

Happy to answer any other questions you have about NZ. Flickr mail will get me or gmail with same user name as flickr.


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