Splurge buy? I shoot ONLY my kids, in/outdoor and want every eyelash and freckle. Have Sony a200.

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Re: Better understanding needed

The 1st image is a difficult shot.  You are shooting in to the sun.  A camera (such as the d5100 or d7000) with above average dynamic range would have helped but they are not magic.  Backlit subjects are always a bit diffuse and lacking in contrast.  There are steps you can take to minimize this, but it will always be a challenge with a lower then ideal keeper rate.  In your photo you also focused a little to the front.  I am not sure if the flip out screen would have helped that much since Nikon's and Canon's focus painfully slow when using the rear screen.  What I do when I have to take a photo at some angle such that I can not use he viewfinder.  I use larger f-number (= smaller aperture) which increases DOF.  I use a wider angle then I think I need since it is easier to crop thing out then to crop missing items back in.  I take multiple of photos 4+ and I check the composition on the rear LCD after I in case I need to fire off a few more.  But I strongly dislike this sort of photography because my ability to control the shot is so poor.  A little better planning is normally my goal (but of course life does not always allow itself to be planned).

The 2nd shot is a better shot.  What makes it good are the same things that made the first one not so good.  Good light angle.  Good focus.  In this one my only comment would be the colors seem a little off.  There is a mild gray haze to the image.  Most of the colors are muted.  The d5100/d7000 would have helped some here.  They have better color sensitivity.  This combined with the better DR and your base image would be better (not that it was bad as is).  Just for fun I pulled the image in to photoshop to check it.  There is enough there that with just a tiny bit of adjustment the image was much more vibrant.  Learning to use a photoediting program can increase the quality of your photos.  If you want, I can post my edit of your photo so you can see how I thought it could be improved.

On the 3 cameras you are considering, handling them is shrewd.  They have different ergonomics.  Between the three the one with the best body is the top of the line one (of course).  What it brings is better external controls (encourages you to use them and it makes changing these settings easier).  it has a brighter viewfinder (easier to see and compose through) and it is weather sealed.  This last one might not seem important but someday soon it could be.  Your little man is approaching that age where he will begin having an interest in sports.  Adding a sealed lens to the d7000 and you can photograph his efforts despite the weather.  There are work arounds (like a "raincoat" for you camera and lens) but I find these awkward,

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