In defense of the the 18-55 and 16

Started Nov 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
Dohmnuill Contributing Member • Posts: 787
Re: In defense of the the 18-55 and 16

Agree about the 18-55mm, and I've just ordered the 16mm with the UWA converter (12mm).

I did so on the basis of the many examples posted in the 480 pages of the NEX forum thread in the Fred Miranda website.

The 'crons and 'luxes will be better but there's not a huge amount in it. Sure, corners are less well defined, but since I usually darken these on landscapes it's  of no concern to me.

And I'm jack of lobbing in London etc and not having a decent (coat) pocketable camera. The days of toting the dSLR  and looking like Thom the Tourist are well and truly over.

Looking forward to testing, and comparing with some of my Leica, Nikkor and even Industar glass.

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