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Follow up - works now

Problem was the 6 foot sata to esata cable.

I got the little PC adapter plate that has 1 foot sata connector for into PC socket.  On the plate is an esata connector.   I plugged into PC sata and from adapter esata plate ran a 3 foot esata-esata cable to Sabrent HDD enclosure.  The HDD (Seagate) now is seen by BIOS and by windows.  After formatting seems to be working fine.

My original try with a cable (6 foot) from inside the PC out to the Sabrent was really a bad idea to begin with.  Sooner or later I'd catch that cable, yank it, and could easily damage the PC sata socket or even the mobo.  So the adapter plate is the way to go, cost $8 at MicroCenter.   Like skyglider did, I like the idea of having the adapter esata socket on the front of the PC.

Did some turn on/off tests of the esata Sabrent.  (YMMV, my OS is W2K).

1. Esata off during PC boot.  Not seen by BIOS.  Then when in Windows esata/Sabrent power on.  Sabrent not found by Windows.  (W2K).

2. Esata on during boot and working in Windows.  Turn Sabrent power off and Sabrent disappears from Windows.  Then power back on but Sabrent does not come back, still not seen.

And an oddity?  The PC takes about 20% longer to load Windows when esata/Sbrent on.  This because Sabrent controller is slow, or maybe just because there is another HDD Windows has to recognise?  (PC has 3 HDD on mobo, Sabrent makes it 4)

For fun, in BIOS Sata ACHI enabled.  But PC not boot, no OS found.  Back to disabled but somehow messed up the BIOS boot sequence so had to correct it.  FWIW, for reference I looked at a backup picture of the BIOS settings.  How do you get image of your BIOS when PC not yet booted?   Used a camera to take picture of monitor screen(s) then printed and save for reference.  You do have a digital camera do you not?

Finally some have suggested my OS W2K is ancient and that I could run Ubuntu instead.   But W2K runs many program not available for Ubuntu, e.g. Photoshop.  (Yes I 've heard of Gimp).  So what's the advantages of Ubunto over W2K for me? (at this time)?  Although will admit, W7 is tempting me, would get the retail full package, FPP.

Thanks All for your help - Tom

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