Why Jakob Nielsen's Windows 8 critique is old-school thinking

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Re: Why Jakob Nielsen's Windows 8 critique is old-school thinking

Sean Nelson wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

gl2k wrote:

Touch gestures don't work on a standard PC and mouse gestures don't work on a touch device.

This is not true. I use a Win7 based tablet at work that has a USB port which allows for a mouse (either wireless or wired) or a touch pad on a wireless or wired keyboard.

He's not saying you can't use a mouse, he's saying that the mouse can't perform some of the gestures that you can do with your fingers. "Pinching", for example.

That is a completely absurd statement.  I also can't apply the brakes of my car using the steering wheel.

Lots of people seem to be successfully using both a Windows or Mac PC and an iPad simultaneously.  Why should it be more difficult to ditch the second physical device and combine two interaction modes? (which have more in common than a Mac+iPad or Windows+iPad)

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