The Sony RX100 has blown up mirrorless - might as well get DSLR and RX100 P&S

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Re: The Sony RX100 has blown up mirrorless - might as well get DSLR and RX100 P&S

I own a D800 and pile of top quality lens and I love that camera but there are times when you just don't want to carry around that amount of kit, when you just go for stroll in the park or a day out with some friends or whatever. For a long while I wanted a compact camera that could supplement my DSLRs and deliver good quality photos but which could fit in my pocket and finally, after trying many compacts, I found the simply wonderful RX10. I now carry this thing everywhere and I just love the photos and videos it delivers.

I went to the victory parade of UK athletes and Para-athletes after the Olympic games finished in London and I took the the D800 with a 70-300 supplemented by the RX100 for the wide angle and video and the combination was just right. The photos are here:

Another feature of the RX100 is it's ability to focus incredibly closely so you can shoot some lovely macro type shots whenever anything catches your eye. Here are some examples:

It's perfect when you are just strolling about, don't want to hump a heavy D800 around but don't want to miss any shooting opportunities that present themselves, here are some examples:

I used a polarising filter for a lot of these shots that attaches magnetically to the RX100

The main thing about the RX100 is that it makes taking spontaneous photos simple, easy and fun. Highly recommended.

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