X-10: Are these settings recommendations correct?

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OVF coverage...

solsang wrote:

Peter Rowe wrote:

Based on my DSLR experience I think I got blind-sided into RAW I think from now on I will stick with JPEG.

I experienced the same, after using the raw-only sigma i found it very strange to use jpg, yet found i can work with the x10 to create useful incamera jpgs and realized the x10 raw aren't worth the hazzle, very much hinted at by fuji taking away the raw shortcut from the raw button!

The new filters are very useful, especially the toy filter that is perfect for making a boring house into a framed and colourful fairytale, i have truly begun speculating about the constant hunt for photographic exactness, when the reason for making photos are joy and inspiration

Using the viewfinder with the monitor off and review off makes it another type of camera, and the fact that i can cut it at will afterwards partly negates the slightly constraining 85% coverage (the limit set by fuji to keep the prism small enough, i wouldn't mind it being a bit bigger:)

The 85% coverage is nothing to do with 'keeping the prism small'.

The coverage is limited to 85% simply to allow a 'safety-margin' to mitigate against the inevitable alignment/build tolerances limitation, and parallax, errors between the viewfinder and the imaging system.

By limiting the OVF coverage to only 85% (actually just 72% by linear dimension) - there is much better chance of getting most of what you see in the OVF included in the captured image, despite the two systems being not only offset, but almost inevitably, imperfectly aligned too.

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