D200 and D70 - best bang for buck 50mm?

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Re: D200 and D70 - best bang for buck 50mm?

Nic Walmsley wrote:

Could you please be so kind to recommend a 50mm prime for a Nikon D200 and D70? I'm a micro four thirds user, so I'm a bit out of my depth here and a friend has asked for a recommendation.

I'm looking at the Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D - first, would that be natively compatible with the D200 and D70, and second, are there better value for money alternatives?

Much appreciated (yes I'm doing my own research, but there is a lot to wade through).

Nikon lenses are compatible for the most part (at least since 1977) and will mount on any body. The lens you mention can cover 35mm film, and is dubbed "FX", but will work on the camera bodies you mention, which are "DX".

In the micro four third world, you multiply the lens by 2 to determine the equivalent "full frame", so a 50mm lens on 4/3 gives you the equivalent field of view of a 100mm lens in the 35mm camera format.

The 50mm lens on DX will give you the same field of view as a 75mm lens on FX, a short telephoto.  What do you intend to use that lens for? Just in case it might not be the best lens for the application ?

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