This is why carbon taxes will not work...

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Re: This is why carbon taxes will not work...


drh681 wrote:

When jobs and sales are attached, principal becomes malleable>

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Photons by the bag.
Gravitons no longer shipped outside US or Canada
You got a camera, now go out and get a life; or at least a picture of one!

You are absolutely Politically correct , so much so , that it is suspicious . Not you , But these Global warming Morons .

I am still worried about the returning Ice Age . I remember back to the early to mid 1990's when the summers were hot as hell down here in Southern California I had to use large fans to blow the hot air out of my home for months .

Used the garden hose to wet the back patio slab . but this has not happened for about fifteen years . Summers have been cool for the last fifteen years down here where I live . Very nice here.

I am not a joiner . Never have been . I have a strange philosophy about being a joiner . It is at best a bunch of people who need the reassurance of the mob around them and if possible the masses , the T.V , the News , the courts , and the church to all keep telling them they are " smart " or " intelligent " It is a security blanket effect , and it is the " I belong to the Morally correct the Majority so I am solid and can not be wrong , status , or the snobbery of being absolutely above reproach or criticism , Syndrome .

Here is a strange comparison of something which really does need our attention but is never questioned in fifty years . Not by the Great News agencies , and not by the environmental guardians , Not by anyone I have ever heard about on NBC , CBS , BBC , New York Times , Washington Posters , L.A. Times , and not by any politician or elected Official .

Who does that leave ? Just about nobody .

All of the hundreds of nuclear power plants would melt down if we ever have a Power Blackout taking out the entire nation's electrical power grid which we just went through on the eastern seaboard . Only a rare storm caused this .

We just saw another example caused be an earthquake and a tsunami hitting Japan .

But So far no mention of Upgrading our Nuclear Power Plants to make them safe in any meltdown from whatever the cause .

Nobody is interested , and nobody cares if millions of people are exposed to very high and lethal doses of radiation over an area or fifty miles or more in every direction .

It is probably going to happen here , But nobody cares .

Nobody even cares about the nuclear contamination of millions of square miles of farm land and water sources here in the U.S.A.

This is something we can fix before it happens .

It is not something beyond our technology to fix it as the Sun and the energy it sends to the earth probably is .

Where are the heroes and the politically correct media when we have a nuclear radiation problem waiting to kill millions of Men Women and children just because Nuclear Power Companies , just don't want to spend a little money to install the safety equipment to positively prevent this from ever happening .

This is something they can easily do .

All of the brave Global warming politically supported and politically impeccable folks , are completely tongue tied , absent , and ignorant morons when there is something real to talk about . Something we should fix to talk about .

I believe our minds are being controlled by the very big money which controls the news and the mass media we are all bombarded by every day .

Morons are not going to think any further than the T.V. allows them to , and the only control they need to accomplish this is distraction , and another distraction decade after decade and century after century , if we survive that long .

Where is your food going to come from when all of the farmlands are contaminated with nuclear fallout from power plant meltdowns ?

That is the question you are not allowed to speak or to hear .

But you are really not honestly concerned with anything real and possible , not with anything really dangerous and genetically destructive to millions of human beings .

You just want to be politically correct and have all the other morons in the world on your side .

The safety of , follow the moron who is following that bigger moron , who is being told what to say by another Moron .

That is the state of the human race these days . Go along to get along new world social order .


Global warming is happening in the solar system , the other planets , it is not something we caused or that we can fix , it is not even real .

Those morons who believe in global warming are probably the same morons who believe the universe is more than 6000 years old.

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