P7700 flash in commander mode emits excessively strong flash

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Re: P7700 flash in commander mode emits excessively strong flash

SamD wrote:

P7700 manual claims:

"Aside from monitor pre-flashes, the camera's built-in flash emits low-level flashes during shooting
to match the flash timing of the flash unit. When shooting a subject at close distance, these low level flashes may be captured on the image. To prevent such adverse effects, use a lower ISO sensitivity or a larger aperture value"

Set internal flash to commander mode, ISO 80, f/5.6, external flash turned off. P7700 flash still noticeably illuminates close (and not very close) subjects. On my D700, I'm using Nikon SG-3IR IR Panel for Camera Built-In Flashes but on P7700 this guy is far off from P7700 flash location. Couldn't figure out anything but taping a piece of black cardboard to IR panel to provide shading. That works but the use is awkward and whole contraption looks ugly.

Can anyone come up with better idea?

I have tried every possibilities with my SB-800 and I must to say, that there is no way how to reduce power of built-in flash in Commander mode. On my D300 I can reduce power of buil-in flash at minimum, so that doesn't have influence at picture, but P7700 doesn't have this functionality. Or I didn't find it.

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