HDR with 7D

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Re: HDR with 7D

GammyKnee wrote:

I think 7D has a couple of things that help with HDR compared to earlier models:

- 8 fps helps if you're shooting handheld HDR

- Live view + silent shooting mode 1 reduces vibration when on a tripod

I do wish it would bracket more than three shots, but that's coming thanks to Magic Lantern. I know you can bracket as many shots as you need if you make the adjustments manually, but this is best done tethered otherwise there's a risk of shifting the camera's position (unless your tripod is built like a tank).

Recent HDR from me:

Sunrise on Ben Arthur, three shot HDR

Mull of Galloway, just prior to sunrise. Three shot HDR, manually blended

I like the realistic HDR look.  Curious as to your manual blending?  Did you align and then blend using masking on layers via a luminosity mask ?

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