Looking for a 27" monitor (Mac/Samsung/Dell) for photo editing

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Re: Looking for a 27" monitor (Mac/Samsung/Dell) for photo editing

ponderosabob wrote:

Joe Tam wrote:

Hello people,

I'm getting the D800 or D4 in the near future and thought of upgrading my monitor. My Dell 2405 is starting to die after 6 years(can't calibrate properly as the blue (RGB) channel is not working).

I'm looking for a 27" Mac Cinema Display or something equivalent with Dell or Samsung. I looked at the Dell U2711 but it looks like it has some issues and the price is close to the Cinema display.

I will be editing using Lightroom 4.2 for editing and printing photos.

I looked at the Eizo and NEC but they are a little out of my price range although the Eizo 23-24 inch is in my price range. Does anyone here have any experience with the lower priced Eizo's.


Buy right the first time.

NEC PA271W B+H price is about $960.00 - and it's worth it.

down to $799 @ BH at present - that's a steal!

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