X-10: Are these settings recommendations correct?

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Re: Puzzling...

Mark H wrote:

DS21 wrote:

Mark H wrote:

DS21 wrote:

Peter Rowe wrote:

... that did it! Thank you very much. I can't believe I have read and tried a million things and never came across that one. I can now set DR400% and get ISO100 in bright light - perfect!

Try setting the ISO to AUTO1600, that might be the problem, the AUTO3200 is effectively turning off DR400 hardware operation in M mode when RAW+JPEG is selected, turning it automatically to software only DR400 like in L mode.

You are welcome, I am somewhat surprised that it was actually the right solution. Strange ways of Fuji designers and software writers.

Well done 'DS21' - another peculiarity (or bug?) of the X10-EXR's behaviour discovered.

However - I'm still not following why Peter couldn't get DR400% when he manually set ISO100 as he described earlier (in 'M' size).

Probably another EXR peculiarity, or more likely sloppy code writing, or RAW related on that particular sensor, because on other EXR cameras it is possible to select ISO 100 with DR400, even with RAW enabled on the cameras which have it. They just left the feature of forcing DR back to 100, when ISO 100 is selected in L mode, to be active even when M size is selected. Probably just an oversight, because even Fuji is not exactly advertizing that EXR functionality is active in M sizes in P and A modes.

I tested for Peter's problem on an X10 I had, a month ago, and I couldn't reproduce his problem at all... http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50152378 ...although that X10 had the newer revised sensor, and a later firmware version 1.03.

Unfortunately I no longer have the X10 so I'm unable to double check anything here.

So they fixed the bug in the meantime...

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