X-10: Are these settings recommendations correct?

Started Nov 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mark H
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DS21 wrote:

Peter Rowe wrote:

... that did it! Thank you very much. I can't believe I have read and tried a million things and never came across that one. I can now set DR400% and get ISO100 in bright light - perfect!

Try setting the ISO to AUTO1600, that might be the problem, the AUTO3200 is effectively turning off DR400 hardware operation in M mode when RAW+JPEG is selected, turning it automatically to software only DR400 like in L mode.

You are welcome, I am somewhat surprised that it was actually the right solution. Strange ways of Fuji designers and software writers.

Well done 'DS21' - another peculiarity (or bug?) of the X10-EXR's behaviour discovered.

However - I'm still not following why Peter couldn't get DR400% when he manually set ISO100 as he described earlier (in 'M' size).

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