PC-E 24 on D800E vs TS-E 24 II / 17 on 5D II (or III)

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Re: A question

Mike CH wrote:

mattr wrote:

This inspired me to compare the following:

1) 5D2 with 24TSEII, three image portrait orientation shift-stitch corresponding to 17mm equivalent field of view (36x48 format, no resampling).

2) D800 with 28/1.8G, four image stitch to match the 17mm field of view (resampling necessary for stitching).

I honestly don't quite know what to expect from this test...

No idea. Be interesting to see what happens. Please post the results?

Unfortunately, I have very little time right now. Here briefly the results from a few recent tests.

As expected the four image stitch is problematic. I will have to work on this. I did a three image stitch instead with a single row of portrait shots with the D800+28/1.8. The resulting field of view is much wider but of course not as tall as with the 5D2 shift stitch. With a horizontal cylindrical projection straight lines get curved with the D800, however, there is much less stretching of objects at the corners. Resolution is slightly better everywhere in the frame with the D800, especially at the corners/edges.

For nature photography the D800 setup leads to superior results, IMO. The 5D2 shift stitch is better for many other applications: e.g. architecture, when tilt is required, when a close foreground is present (allowing easy counter shift of the camera).

I also tried the 60D with the 24TSEII in a three image shift stitch (as described by Chez Wimpy above). Somehow the lens looks a bit less magical with the higher pixel density body. A two image stitch with D800 and 28/1.8 resolves significantly better (and covers a larger field of view).

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