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Re: J1 - Settings Advice - Children Playing?

Bill Randall wrote:

Digetydog wrote:

One of the main reasons I bought my J1 system (10-30mm and 30-110mm) was to take pictures of my little girl and her friends. Generally, they are playing and think the concept of standing still simply not going to register.

Playing with my J1, I have started using the following settings:

1) Continuous Shoot - allows me to catch them actually facing the camera

2) Shutter Priority - I got OK results using 1/250th, but the ISO needed to crank up. What are other people using to "stop" children playing?

What is it about the pictures you do not like?

With "high" ISO you tend to get a bland photo, lacking in color and with noise (grainy). This can be corrected with a flash.

These are basically snapshots.  I tried using the flash (and do use the flash when I use my D7K), but the total cycle time on the J1 means I often get a picture of the back/side of someone's head.  Outside, I am willing to give up the flash performance (and try to fix in post) in return for getting more shots (and thus more keepers).

With the continuous mode, I eventually get a shot with people facing the correct direction and/or a smile on their face.  Using that mode, it blows away the P&S it replaced.  I just want keepsakes of the kids having fun.  Usually, it takes about 5 pictures to get one good picture.

Since these kids aren't athletes or moving cars, I was thinking 1/100th (or slower) might work and allow ISO to drop, but wanted some advice.

The more I get used to my J1, the happier I get.  Because of its size, it is pretty much with me whenever I want it.  I would never have lugged my D7K around on a day like today.  Even at high ISO's, the pictures are good keepsakes as I document my daughter's growth.  Plus, the video is much better than I anticipated.

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