SPP 5.3.1/5.4.0 X3F colorspace and Mountain Lion

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Mike Gerstner Veteran Member • Posts: 3,992
Re: SPP 5.4.1

clwil wrote:

Mike Gerstner wrote:

not sure if this will help...........might be worth a try.

"Corrects the phenomenon that color space setting happens to show unrequested colors, if the “Working Color Space for X3F files” in the “Preferences” is set as default."


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the hint. Unfortunately SPP 5.4.1 has the same bug - at least on my machine.

Can you confirm my findings?

Best regards


I don't have an SD14, but I do have a couple of DP2 raw files and working on a windows machine with an sRGB monitor, and quickly processing files using different color spaces (SPP Preferences) and exporting/saving them under different color spaces, and quickly looking at them in PS doesn't reveal any noticeable color differences.

Opening the images in SPP with different preferences set for the working color space doesn't show any observable differences in color in the SPP review widows.

sorry couldn't be of more help, perhaps a "Mac" person will chime in.

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