E-M5, E-PL5, E-PM2... or wait?

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Follow-up: I went ahead and ordered the E-M5 yesterday. I've been going back and forth for such a long time now, and I even read yesterday on 43rumors.com that there will likely be a new PEN E-P5 announced in early 2013 that I will probably want badly once I've seen it. But ultimately I decided that I want a camera today, not in a year from now, so I went with what I think seems like the best options.

This will give me a chance to evaluate the usefulness (for me) of having a built-in EVF, plus I'll get to enjoy the supposedly amazing 5-axis stabilization. And ultimately, if I sell it within a few months from now in Sweden (picking this up from the US), I probably won't make much of a loss either since they currently sell for the equiv of 1350 USD (body only).

Bottom line: it felt like it was worth it in the end -- but I might still "upgrade" (sidegrade?) to the E-P5 if it's essentially an E-M5 in a more compact rangefinder-styled body.

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a $129.00 E-pl1 refurb body and a pancake lens to see if this u 4/3 thing is right for you. Dumping $1400.00 on something you are not sure you really want just doesn't make any sense. Tedolph

You think someone whop throws that kind of money around on a whim is looking for a bargain?

Good point.


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