Camera Recommendations For Bird Photography

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Re: Camera Recommendations For Bird Photography

Hi all,

After I asked my question, I got a flare up of my health issues, and typing has been difficult. I have to type a new question on the issue of tethering and live view remote control either in the Canon or PC forum, and will have a tough time with that. So I can't respond to everyone today, but I REALLY appreciate your responses and pictures. Honestly, the IQ on the thru-glass shots is way better than I expected, is better than what I get now with my F717, and I thought they looked great. Thank you for posting them

I may as well type my same question here, and copy/paste to the other forum. On my research, I found that Canon includes a live view software, so that if you tether your camera to a pc, you can use the pc to focus and zoom, and then release the shutter. My thought was, if I could tether a long usb cord to my camera, take the camera outside and point toward a feeder or perch near a feeder, I could stay inside and use the pc to capture.  Have any of you done this? I understand that usb is best in no more than 15' lengths, and that I might need hubs or an "active extender" cable to get the length I need, which would be about 50ft. I wonder if the live view remote software would be fast enough over this length of cable, or if I would become frsutrated? Does anyone have experience with the same sort of setup?

I saw that a couple of you suggested something like this in one of your posts, obviously exactly what I was thinking!!!

For now, I have purchased a T3i package on a Black Friday deal
18-55mm IS
55-250mm IS
extras like a bag, sandisk extreme 16gb, tiffen uv lens

all for $600, so I got the 55-250 lens for free really.

I think the lens range is okay to start. If I can take the camera out and set it up by pc, once the birds get used to it, I can sit it quite close to the feeder or perch. Not too worried about having a real long reach just yet, and I need to learn a lot first. Would the 70-300mm IS II be worth having in addition to the 55-250mm? I'd have to save up for that one, lol.

I was very torn between t3i and nikon d5100. I'll explain the choice later. But, mostly lack of live view exposure previews in manual mode, -little- softer images than Canon (but better natural colors imho), and more expensive than the t3i due to the BF deals. I still may change to Nikon if I cannot set up the Canon how I want/the remote control by pc doesn't work as well as I want, etc. I had to jump on the canon deal while it was available. It's not here yet. I am still somewhat open.

Ok, that's all I can type for now. I am very much enjoying your responses and when I feel a bit better I will respond to each of you. Thank you so much for your help and examples, and advice.

Thanks a bunch!


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