HEADSHOTS: 85L 1.2 or 100L f/2.8 Macro IS USM?

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Re: HEADSHOTS: 85L 1.2 or 100L f/2.8 Macro IS USM?

shutterthug wrote:

MAC wrote:

100 L on FF is the lens imo. I love mine on 5d- half body, head shots and macro - handheld

85L is wasted money at F3.5. That lens sings f1.2 - f2.

This is what's been at the back of my mind. Sadly, f/1.2 at the distances I'm shooting doesn't make for great headshots. DOF is crazy thin at close range.

read the reviews at dpreview, also at photozone.de.

100L is solid in the reviews all around, just wondered if anyone else out there had both to compare. Like a previous poster wrote, I may have to make that determination for myself.

I use some skin softening LR presets with my 100L and the finish in PSCS with layering for sharpest eyes.

I don't do any softening and have a hard time imagining the 100L being much crispier at f/3.5 than my 85L. But we'll see...


when you look at the dpreview flash lens review tool for the 100L on FF, the 100L is the sharpest lens they've ever tested between F5 - F 6.3. You control your background and subject placement. Consider these razor sharp settings On the 100L. Also for portrait, of the three lens settings, use the center switch setting. When you get out and about, for still life, you can easily shoot sharp at ss 1/15. For people standing ss 1/40 is piece of cake. With 4 stop IS i have gone down to ss 1/8 and gotten sharp shots with still life.

Good luck

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