Lens focal lengths for Easter Island

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KENTGA wrote, in part:

Great photos and comments from several posters. We went on a cruise to Greece and Turkey in 2006 and made 14 stops along the way and we mostly took a taxi. Not to avoid the crowds so much but to see areas that the buses would not have taken us.

There was a good article in National Geographic a few months ago about Easter Island. Maybe you can Google for it or go to the library and read it.


That's quite a cooincidence, Kent - just 2 days ago accross the Thanksgiving table, my niece was mentioning using cabs as opposed to tours in Turkey/ Greece.

The drivers knew where & when the busses were and got them in between.

She specifically mentioned having the Acropolis to themselves and upon leaving meeting an actual WALL of oncoming bus tourists 

I was very disappointed in that National Geographic article on Easter Island. Trite and contributing nothing that Thor Heyerdahl hasn't many years ago.

HOWEVER - The NG did have an article about 20 years ago about "The Lord of Sípan" in northern Peru which enticed us to go north to that mostly unvisited region.

The burial chamber of the Lord oƒ Sípan:

Restored gates of the cities of Chan-Chan:


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