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Re: The last half of the conclusion...

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Bruce Oudekerk wrote:

So I find it REALLY strange the G15, even while being in a slightly different compact category from the RX100, outscores that RX100 in low light when it is clearly at a huge disadvantage. And when I’m reading the G15 review and I go to the drop down menu to compare similar cameras, the limited list includes the RX100. <SIGH>


At the long end of the zoom the G15 beats the RX100 in low light. Low light capability is a combination of sensor and lens.

The two cameras that are the closest to the G15, are the LX7 and XZ-2. The optical viewfinder swung the balance for me, though the recent $300 price of the LX7 makes it competitive even with the additional cost of the LVF2.

Actually i would have said that when considering the combination of lens, sensor ISO (a nearly 2 EV advantage at higher ISO for the RX100) and advantages at digital crop, that it was roughly a wash at the long end with maybe a nod to the RX100 and it defiantly sways to the RX100 in low light everywhere else..

But I can't argue the beauty of the G15.  It’s on my short list of 3 for dSLR replacements when I don’t want to lug that weight. I love it’s solid feel and elegant functionality over the...just about anything roughly compact… except the larger NEX7 with TriNavi.  Right now weight is the name of the game for me with a nod to small size.  That’s the kicker for me...how much importance do i weigh sticking it in a pocket and forgetting about it till I need it.

1. When considering Size:  RX100, G15, distant NEX7

2. How it works in the hand (for me):  NEX7, G15, RX100

3. Considering weight, I really don’t care.  Everything is so much lighter than my a850 with walk around lens.

So I have a lot of thinking to do before making the leap and here I am ‘talking’ out loud:)


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