My AF Fine tune settings for all top Nikon lenses after calibration

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Re: My AF Fine tune settings for all top Nikon lenses after calibration

Andy Warren wrote:

The 'issue I have' is that Nikon don't seem to have told their staff about this AF Fine Tune requirement let alone their camera and especially D800/E users! I am not a newbie to photography or the use of SLR's or DSLR's by any means. I have used them extensively for more than 40 years in one form or another. Until my recent purchase of the D800E I have never had the need to Fine Tune my lenses to any of my cameras.

The 'Problem' as you like to call it, is of course that the D800 provides its users with a far greater resolution, which introduces or shows up any mis focus or indeed a need for adjustments/fine tuning of lenses necessary to achieve optimum focus. This was a totally new situation to me! Up until recently I have never needed to Fine Tune my cameras. In fact my D700 handbook doesn't recommend it! My D700 and D2x achieve excellent focus with the same 3 - 2.8 lenses discussed. It wasn't with any help from Nikon or their service department that I have now concluded that AF Fine tune is ' a normal and indeed a likely' situation with the D800. It is not a topic widely advertised or indeed strongly recommended in any Nikon handbooks or literature. I learn from experience!

I do not have a PROBLEM with Fine Tuning my lenses, but to be told by a NPS rep that lenses 'should not' really require AF Fine Tuning is very misleading and not at all helpful when trying to rectify what was initially thought to be an issue with a new camera!

Reading these forums is a great way to find out information. Negative comments about having 'A Problem' certainly don't fall into that category!

appreciate your thoughts and I agree that the d800 is a different beast and the problems that perhaps were not evident before now are easily seen with slight misalignment!  I do also agree that the nikon techs should really take a more appropriate approach in calibrating d800s. It's notice to have the af fine tune - I admit! But is costly and time consuming if u really want to get it right...,which for few thousand dollar equipment I would just expect to have it right!!

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