Noobie struggles with miracles...learn or give up

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Re: Noobie struggles with miracles...learn or give up

LSF wrote:

alexovic wrote:

Well I'm not going to tell you that you can't use the camera or that you should practice more. The NEX-6 tends to underexpose. Also the metering sometimes gets fooled by white objects in the scene. My conclusion is based on my experience and comparing it with the NEX-5 which doesn't underexpose under similar conditions. My A100 also suffers from similar inconsistent metering, where white object can give severe underexposure. After a while you learn to deal with it and shooting RAW helps.

I posted a couple of "real life" pictures from the 5 & 6 which actually exemplifies this behavior. However my post "Which pictures are better" was unappreciated by a number of besserwissers on this forum, calling them everything from utterly useless to pathetic.

Here is a link to a dutch test of the 6 that says their 6 also underexposes slightly: Pixelmania

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This was my experience as well. The 6 always underexposed when taking the same shot with my 5N. I also found my 5N images to be cleaner and sharper. I sent the 6 back and picked up a 7 to go with my 5N. Pity because I did like the AF . My 5N is one I will never get rid of, it has better low light performance than some dslr's I tried.

I'll confess -- I'm not sure I understand this. If the 6 consistently underexposes, isn't that exactly what exposure compensation is for? In semi-auto modes, I prefer a camera to underexpose as it usually defaults to faster shutter speeds. You can usually pull detail from shadow areas in post (especially if shooting raw) but you can't save overly blurred images.

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