HEADSHOTS: 85L 1.2 or 100L f/2.8 Macro IS USM?

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Re: Have you tried the 135 f/2 L?

Lynn David Cole wrote:

Since you don't care about IS, it seems logical that the 135 f/2 L would be a logical choice for head shots if you are using a full frame camera.

Sold a 135L to acquire my 85L.  Great lens as well, but it's a touch long (I like being close to my headshot subjects when I work with them) and wouldn't afford the added versatility of macro capability for my food work—hence the question, can I get more of what I need out of the 100L?

I have the 100mm f/2.8 IS L on order and will use it primarily for nature macros, but I will also use it for the occasional head shot. I personally think that IS will be very useful for candid night shots.

IS may be wonderful for me, too.  Time will tell.

I too will be very interested in your conclusions.

I will be sure to share with the group when I've come to a conclusion.



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