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Ronomy wrote:

I just took some pictures using IA mode and although I did see some smudging in the grass I was pretty surprised how clean the images were and not overly sharpened. IHDR mode is used too often and not good for scenery images so turn that off until you need it like in low light situations indoors or outside in low light and no wind. it smudged all the trees in the distance cause its windy today. LOL What floored me was some pictures of my deck and under the roof up in the rafters I usually see noise even with my -2 settings in NR and sharpness. Well the shadow areas were very clean and sharp. Cleanest I have ever seen these images of my deck and I mean clean and clear/sharp. Also the scenery shots were clean in the shadows out in the woods behind my house. I need to do more testing but IA is surprising the hell out of me right now.

While sometimes the image can be near perfect other times I see over sharpening and smudging like in some shrubs in front of my house.  It completely smudged out my shrubs in the golden tips.  The green was fine but the golden tips were just s gold smudge.  Oh well it was worth a try.


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