OT - help with dvd burning please

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Re: OT - help with dvd burning please

RayGuselli wrote:

sadly, no joy.

Tried a different media and got the same response and report....

Most frustrating!

Best wishes


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Ray, what media type (and speed in X rating) and is it + or - type. Are you possibly using DVD media that may be used for burning again. This media is sometimes more "picky: for me -- so I usually just use the type to Burn once and Read many times type media. You didn't mention the software being used -- what is it ? However, suggest (if your software allows) to set to use a SLOW (or slower) speed to see if this helps.

The error message apparently is referring to the speed but not certain since I have never had this type message.

Edit to add:  I again checked the error message and it is referring to having failed at burning at speed 8X.  Are you possibly using a lower X-speed media (such as 4X) and burning at a faster speed such as 8X.  This is part of the reason for my questions regarding s[specifically what type and speed media you are using -- as well as burning software.

Yes, it appears the CD and DVD Burning and usage is sometimes rather rigid for it to work properly.

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