Need Help with Nikon D3 Focusing Issue

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Re: Need Help with Nikon D3 Focusing Issue

There could be many reasons for this - particularly if you are shooting in AF-C auto focus mode. Some of these are -

AF-C lock on is too long or set to and hence the camera is not tracking AF fast enough even after the fighter/boxer moved

  • I have tried off through long for the focus lock. The issue persists regardless, it is however more pronounced when "longer".

AF-C shooting priority is set to "Release" and hence the camera is firing even though the focus is off

  • This too has been on and off. The body is catching focus, just not where I want it, center mass of the subject. Often it is to the left or right.

The surrounding areas have pronouncedly more contrast than the fighter/boxer's body. This will particularly cause problem if you are shooting with Dynamic AF with 3d tracking.

  • I was thinking about this too. The problem is more pronounced when the fighters are further away. However, their bodies are well light while the fence and surroundings are much darker. The fence is black for example. Often times, I see the fence in focus, not the fighter.

A very small portion of frame is covered by the fighter and hence the AF sensor is picking up background to focus on

  • Probably the case, even though the sensor highlighted is on the fighter.

The 3d tracking works as it should, I've tested this already. I don't use 3d for much of anything.

Which AF mode & settings do you suggest for this scenario? Single point of course but ...

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