Will the SMC DA* 50-135 mm f2.8 ED IF SDM suffice as an only lens?

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Re: Will the SMC DA* 50-135 mm f2.8 ED IF SDM suffice as an only lens?

Thanks all for your generous and helpful responses. You've spared me some disappointment: I went back and looked at the properties of my pictures, and found that I do indeed shoot at 50 mm or less much or most of the time. And you've redoubled my enthusiasm about getting a DSLR and going out to make pictures.

punkrockermo:  No need for concern about patronization--you're dealing with a tyro here. I was over-worrying, and not taking into account the sharpness advantage of the camera itself. To the point, actually, where I was starting to get discouraged by all the choices and incommensurables.

Reading the responses at first I felt a little like I had signed up for a course that was over my head. After thinking about them for a few days, though, I have concluded that there are plenty of good options, and I don't need to worry about finding just the right one.

Right now my plan is to dither a little longer between the options you've all made me aware of. On the one hand, the kit lens plus the 50-135 is very appealing, because several of you recommend it and because everyone who talks about the 50-135 seems to love it. On the other hand, since I probably take most of my pictures under 50 mm, as Brooke Meyer and Mike Hiran suggest, it might make sense to put my "best lens" money into something at that range and get a cheaper zoom for the longer end. On the third hand, I'm intrigued by the possibilty of an array of prime lenses, or combination of a zoom and a prime/primes. That would mean changing the way I take pictures--I'm now very reliant on the zoom--which might be a lot of fun.

Thanks again. I'm attaching a few pics, just in the spirit of sharing. All taken with my Fuji S9100. Hope you like them!


Jaws in Vermont

Pennsylvania aerial--sharpness not an isssue here

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