I was yelled at for not using "L" glass.

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Re: I was yelled at for not using "L" glass.

The good thing (I guess) is no matter how much equipment you have, you'll still eventually have a stranger walk up to you and give you crazy advice.

At a basketball game a couple of years ago I started shooting with a 1D Mark III with a 300mm f2.8 and a 1D Mark IV with a 135mm f2. I was shooting from the stands behind the basket so the 135mm f2 is the perfect length and in this place you need to shoot at f2. You would think that much equipment would make any advice-giver back off. When I went down to shoot from the floor, I replaced the 135mm with the non-L 85mm f1.8 which works wonderfully at f2.

Apparently some guy was more interested in my lenses than the game. He came down asking what lens that was. I'm used to people asking "How many megapixels?" or "How many 'X' is that lens?" but this guy wanted to know specifically why I was using a non-L lens on my 1D. He was taken aback by my favorable opinion of the 85mm f1.8. He looked so shocked that at first I thought he was joking with me. No, he claimed to be "an accomplished nature photographer" and had been using "the Canon system" since the film days and asked why I didn't own the superior 85mm f1.2.

"I have one, the Mark II version. It's at home." Another look of disbelief. I tried and tried to explain to him that the AF motor in that lens is far too slow for sports but he simply wouldn't listen to me since an L lens can't be inferior in any way. He kept looking at that 85mm f1.8 on my 1D Mark IV as if I were desecrating the camera by screwing a Coke bottle to the lens mount.

I believe these people are victims of marketing. Maybe he was a great nature photographer and was unfamiliar with non-L lenses and assumed they were all bad lenses. At least he understood why I was shooting at f2.

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