Advice please Nikon 135mm f/2 AF DC now OR wait for Nikon 135mm f/1.8 ?

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Re: Some advice from someone who actually owns and uses the 135mm f/2 DC

noerager wrote:

I have been looking for this lens for pretty long time. Every time I found one I was not sure if it was the right lens. How would it work with a D800 when I bought this camera in near future? How with front and rear focus? I had read that this could be a problem, and what if Nikon brought a new 135mm on the market?

Last month I dropped all my concerns found a nice 1 ½ years old 135mm f/2D used and bought it for approx 940,- And it's really a nice lens, very solid built and with an autofocus which is much faster than I expected.

Most of the test pictures that I have made until how have been at f/2 in a very rainy Düsseldorf that I visited last week and I don't think that front or back focus is a big issue on my copy, but this I will have to test one of the next days.

So I can only recommend others to forget all the worries and find the lens at the right price and buy it now.

Regards Jan

please share us some of your pics

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