X-10: Are these settings recommendations correct?

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Re: What sensor variant & firmware number?

Thank you for the thoughful response. Yes, I have asked previously, I do love a lot of things about the X-10 so I just need to get this part nailed. I have not updated the firmware, or changed the sensor, since I purchased the camera.

A. I bought the camera early in the year and I got delivery on 3/7/2012. The 1st 3 characters of the serial number are "14A..."

The firmware version is "1.02"

Do you think I should update the firmware?

You asked the same question a month ago, and nobody could offer any definitive answer.

I suggested then, that it was probably something to do with the camera having the older 'blooming' sensor, and that if it's firmware had been updated to Ver 1.03 or later then it is probably now biased toward selecting unusually high ISO settings as a way to reduce the risk of blooming.

Your camera also appears to no longer allow shutter speed derived 'EXR-DR' in 'M size', similarly forcing the ISO to be raised in order to increase apparent DR.

Q. Can you confirm when you bought the camera/the first 3 characters of the serial number, whether the sensor has been replaced, and what is the firmware version number?

What would be useful here, would be for someone else with an early sensor version X10, with firmware 1.03 or later to try the same - are they also prevented from setting DR200/400% with ISO-100, in 'M size' and 'P mode'?

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