Is this a fair price for my used gear?

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Re: Is this a fair price for my used gear?

jbern wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I'm selling the following used gear. I was offered $1400 by a local camera shop.

- Canon 60D

- Canon 35 2.0 lens

- Canon 85 1.8 lens

- Sigma 17-50 2.8 lens

Is this a fair price? Should I take my chances on Ebay? KEH will offer me $1,138 for all of the above....

This kit new would be about $2350.  $1400 is a 40% discount.

This kit used on eBay would fetch about $1735 - $208 (eBay + Paypal fees ~ 12%) = $1527.  The eBay calculation is assuming close to top dollar of recent completed auctions for the used equipment above.

Since $1400 is within $127 of the maximum of what you could realistically expect from eBay, my thought is that it is a fair price for your used equipment.

On a side note, the Canon lenses seem to have held their value.  The 60D and the Sigma lens are the pieces that have depreciated from age and use.

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