A99 or EM5?

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Re: A99 or EM5?

I have not used or even considered to buy the Olympus, but as the a99 is FF with 20MP and the EM5 is 4/3 with 16 MP I expect that there would considerable difference for night and indoor shots when you need to increase the ISO especially when you have kids running around. and for that matter, another consideration that might be important is AF speed which would be higher on the sony (or any other DSLR/SLT) as it used phase detection AF.

Please note that the Nikon you were using has a crop sensor with a crop factor of 1.5 so the 50mm is actually 75mm, if you use the 25mm with the Olympus (crop factor of 2) then you are effectively using 50mm so it will be wider.

In terms of mobility both cannot be fitted in the pocket so that is not a deal breaker.

Now for the lens, Many of Sony FF lenses are aimed to professionals and come with a G or a zeiss tag, these lenses tend to be very expensive. so in the long run you will much more with the sony compared with the Oympus. New models of Rokinen/Samyang lenses are good but they are manual focus lenses only, so they can only be used for landscape photography but not as main lenses.
As a middle ground I really suggest that you consider the A77 as OntarioJohn have already done, you will get almost all the benefits of choosing the a99 over the EM5 and you will save yourself a bit of money at purchase time and on the longer run as Sony APS-C lenses are cheaper than FF, the a99 and a77 have a very similar body and weight.

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