Nikon AIS 55mm F2.8

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Re: Nikon AIS 55mm F2.8

brad06 wrote:

Also if I was ever to move up to the NEX-7, would missing the touchscreen be a big issue for product shots? Is being able touch the screen that big of a deal?

I dunno - I've never had a touchscreen so I don't miss it yet!

I'm sure it would be super dandy when viewing via the rear LCD (among other things). But I use my EVF as much as possible. I usually scoot the MF Assist window toward the top of the vertical frame and leave it there for the duration of a session. This can be done with the joystick or one of the top dials without taking my eye away from the camera. I do this to facilitate getting critical focus on the front edge of the lip of the vessels I'm cataloging - experience has shown that if I biff critical focus there, even the thumbnail previews look bad.


Typical product shot, made easier w/ MF Assist

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