XZ-2: Same lens adapter and battery as XZ-1 ?

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Ben O Connor
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Re: XZ-2: Same lens adapter and battery as XZ-1 ?

Seems like these adapter and tele lens are the solution for XZ-2 as well. Where do i know?

Check the info in all internet shopping channels. The things belong to Olympus XZ-1 and did not loose its price a cent down are these two. !

As a user of both CLA-12 and TCON-17x I honestly say they are superb quality. Adapter is solid metal, and lens is also excellent quality.

You can use 55 mm filters with the adapter. I personally own 5 filters on my arsenal. ( Polar-CR, Gradual Gray-CR, NDx8, UV(i use it front of ND filter, that stops more UV, otherwise its not that usefull to me), and Star8 filter (it was cheap, i bought it as a spice up my night photography. )

As you see i use i love to use filters so i highly recommend you to have a CLA-12. But i dont use tele zoom as often, its nice to own it but i dont use it as often. So i wish you to check up Hähnel shutter remotes as well, maybe that would be more usefull for your photography too, it gives you 24h bulb ! a time lapse much shutter control, and also you can place it some where and fire your shutter 100 m away ! (which is nice that you dont scare soem animals when you are picturing them)

Before purchase just ask yourself: what is your photography about. Then enjoy your purchase with countless shots.

Regards form Finland


ps: 1)check out my photos in DPR and also in Flickr, you can see both adapter and lens attached to XZ-1

2) Also about battery, its changed it seems, but i do not know the size of this new battery, maybe its the same size ! But its also a good news to XZ-1 users, coz, not LI-50b original battery is so cheap, i even can get a leather P&S cam bag, metal coloured strap and battery from 10 euros !! including shipping in Finland. Bakc in days i bought a seperate battery which is not olympus from 17 euros...

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