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Re: EV Compensation is only for AE modes like A and S, not M

marike6 wrote:

rakore wrote:

I like to use the E-M5 in manual mode with auto ISO. It lets me control the two variables of the exposure triangle I'm most concerned about, and at the same time releaves me from having to factor in ISO as a third factor.

However, I haven't found a way to set exposure compensation on the E-M5 in this mode. I think Pentax allows it in its TAv mode (aperture and shutter mode), and I think some high end Nikons allow it too. This would be a very useful feature and should be doable with a firmware fix.

EV Compensation is only for AE modes like A and S, not M. There is no reason to have EV Compensation in Manual exposure mode as it's already there - all you have to do is change either the aperture, shutter speed (or ISO) to compensate.

In the AE modes like A or S, the meter always produces the correct exposure, and changing the aperture or shutter speed gives you an equivalent exposure, but doesn't effect the current EV reading. This is why EV compensation is needed in this instance (A or S), and not in M mode.

Please read some of the thread to understand what I mean. I'm basically requesting a mode equivalent to TAv (shutter + aperture priority) on Pentax, a very useful mode. Nikon also has this mode implicitly with its auto ISO implementation.

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