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Probably the best answer

I can't answer your question for other pictures, but for the one you posted, there is one important hint. Look at the backlight falling on the girls shoulders. See the srong orange cast, much warmer than, for instance, the girls' faces? This is most likely from ambient tungsten or other warm ambient lighting sources in the environment where the picture was taken. Your shutter speed, 1/60 of a second, is just long enough to let ambient light effect the color temperature of your overall exposure, including the front lit area that is mostly illuminated by your flash, thereby making it look a little too warm as well, in proportion to the amount of ambient light affecting the exposure. If you used auto white balance, the result you got wasn't too bad under the circumstances, and, if you used the manual flash setting to set your white balance, then your result would be fairly predictable, as it would only be pertinent to the flash portion of the existing illumination. To correct for this, you would need to "up" your shutter speed to 1/200 of a second to minimize the effect of ambient light, but, keep in mind that that would then make your background, lit by much less light overall - only lit by your flash - much darker and less "natural" looking, unless the flash was either an overal bounce off the ceiling, or if the background lit by a second slaved flash.

Summary: there is no easdy answer, only a list of possible compromises, the last of which lies in some careful post processing.



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