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I am also a newbe when it comes to RAW but I did recently shoot a wedding for a friend and did over 1,000 pictures using RAW.  One of the things I did was get a copy of the book "The Adobe Photoshop CS5 book for digital photographers" by Scott Kelby.  Scott has a number of very good books out.  I first picked this up at my local library as it had a really nice work flow for camera RAW.  It also explains how to process pictures in RAW and the impact of most all of the options.  One other thing, like Photoshop where there are 10 ways to do the same thing, he shows multiple ways to achieve the same result.  I eventually bought a copy of the book in the used section of Amazon.  Even if you are not using CS5 (e.g. you are using ACR in Elements or Lightroom) the book might be helpful as most all of the options for ACR are shared across the products.  I do have CS5 as well as Elements and canuse it in both.

Couple of things to look at ....

Did you try and apply your camera profile?  There in an ICON in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) near the top called Camera Calibration.  Scott says to change it from Adobe Standard to Camera Standard.

One other suggestion - sharpness is (in my opinion) controlled by more than one option in ACR.  There is the classic sharpness - it its own tab (I think it is the third ICON on the right panel) but there is also the ability to add what Scott calls "Snap" to the photos by using the clarity slder.  He also describes that you use it differently for portraits and landscapes.

One other thing on Sharpening.  In his section on sharpening he talks about capture sharpening as well as print sharpening - one is done in ACR and the other is done before printing.

Good luck ....

One other thing to look at as you did not talk about your settings ... what was the JPEG compression as there are 5 or 6 different sizes for the Mark II - same for RAW.  I once read that Canon uses different algorithms for their compressions - particularly the "smooth" versus "jagged" sizes (icons used).


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