To P7700 users: what made you choose the P7700 over the G15 ?

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Re: heavy = quality? what?

RedFox88 wrote:

Yvan/G2 wrote:

The metal body is easy to hold and the weight conveys a sense of quality.

This is a new one. I've never related something heavy to be higher quality than lighter ones. Apple keeps making their produts smaller, thinner, and lighter. I related heavier items to being lower on the design scale because they are using older methods and older style heavier components.

A handheld device should be lighter not heavier. Canon is redesigning their long prime lenses to be smaller and lighter. Few people would ask that their camera be heavier!

A heavier human being is not a sign of better and a heavier domestic iron is not a sign of better but when I use a camera I much prefer one that is heavier since I find it more stable and photos are less likely to be blurry. I will agree with you that there are limits to weight and this is the reason why all camera manufacturers try to limit the overall weight of DSLR kits  

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