Canon Pixma Pro9500 MK II problem

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Re: Canon Pixma Pro9500 MK II problem - Solved

Glad to hear your getting to understand the color management puzzle. It took me years till The Light finally truned on in my brain. Now it's second nature.

Your last question about papers. That is a loaded question and your are likely to get as many different answers and choices as responses.

Since you are starting with Canon Inks, begin to work with Canon Papers and once you can do it with your eyes closed, then move on to all the myriad of papers out there.

Just reallize that when you cross to the 3rd party papers your original OEM ICC profile MAY NO LONGER work for you. Luckily most reputable paper manufactures will provide you with custom ICC profiles for each of their papers. As lonjg as you are still using OEM inks.

If later on and,,,, you probably will,,,, you will start to delve into 3rd party inks, then you will need custom profiles for any of your papers. Thus,,,,Enter the Colormunki! Take a look at my printing videos and when you are ready to refill, let me know.


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