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Re: G12 $299 at B&H

Hi Rubicon,

Like you, I am an experienced SLR shooter from way back in the film days. I still do shoot with my SLR but I also needed a "business" camera that was smaller, lighter, and less obtrusive. Something I could carry around all the time. After having purchased a Canon 60D dSLR, I became permanently sold on an articulated LCD for over-the-head shots, macro shots, and video. I also discovered that the flipped-out LCD gave me a wider base for holding the camera, making it more stable. So when I decided to purchase a compact camera to supplement my 60D, I preferred to have a similar sort of LCD.

Canon had just upgraded the G10 to the G11, which restored the articulated screen that had disappeared with the G7 (I believe). The G11 also added video, which I also had on the 60D and also wanted in a compact camera. Canon had added an ISO dial to the top of the G10 and continued it in the G11. I wanted that too, along with all of the other G-series manual controls. In addition, because I am an SLR guy at heart, I wanted an optical viewfinder and that's been a hallmark of the G series.

For all of those reasons, I purchased a G11 two or three years ago and it quickly became my most-used camera. I use an SLR now only if the G11 cannot do the job. That's perhaps 20% of the time for me. I use the G11 for product and blogging shots, for note-taking during PowerPoint presentations, and as a travel camera of first choice. It's been a real workhorse for me.

However, the G11 only has VGA video and that is a limitation for me. I need to shoot, edit, and post video to YouTube from to time for business and that's why I wanted to upgrade to the G12. However, at $499, it was not economically sensible. Even used on Craigslist the G12 was $300 and up. When B&H dropped the price to $299 to close out the camera, I jumped. I don't have it yet but I am sure I'll like it.

As for the G15, I'd probably like its faster lens, faster focusing, better flash, and better video. However Canon dropped the articulated LCD, which is a killer for me. I'm big on ergonomics and like the articulated LCD very much as an aid to holding the camera in many situations. I also do not like the loss of the ISO dial, but I could probably live with that.

And then there's the optical viewfinder I wanted. The G cameras all have it. Turns out, it's pretty much useless and I've stopped using it. It's not especially accurate and the LCD turns out to be a much better framing aid on the G series. Still want it for my SLRs, but not compelling on the G11.

Hope this helps.

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