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Re: Your website is broken - Can't upload images - also question on Px rule limitation

dartymix1 wrote:

I am having the same problem. Also, the rule for watches says that the picture can't be over 1,600 px on the longest side. How do I make the picture to fit this?

Hi, there are basically two ways, depending how you took your photo. Every photo editing program has two common tools: "crop" and "resize".

If there is much more in the image than the watch face, crop the image to show what's required, and save the outcome under different name (to keep the original). Then use "resize" tool to it, and set the longer size to 1600px or smaller. The shorter side will follow the original aspect.

If you took a macro photo of just the watch face and you're satisfied with your image content, just resize the image to 1600px or less (and save under different name to keep the original).

Process your image additionally (maybe contrast and color balance, don't forget to check the sharpness after each resizing), give it a proper title and enter the Challenge. Should be easy. Good Luck!

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