Upgrade to LX7 from LX3?

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Re: Upgrade to LX7 from LX3?

dkny wrote:

I hadn't planned on doing this, but the low price this weekend has me pondering...
I really like my LX3 but it's seen some action and I would prefer HD video (although I like 1080p 24fps, not 1080p 30fps). I was waiting for a larger sensor compact with the fast lens but is that at all possible?
Any thoughts on whether I should upgrade and why? I'm travelling in a few weeks and the trip provides an appropriate consumer motivation...
Many thanks

I've used my LX3 since 2009; I still enjoy using it - as my only camera. I can see enhanced video may be a draw to the LX7, though I only use it for small family video clips anyway. If I was going to upgrade to the LX7 it would probably be for the 90mm zoom end, and yes the useful wider max aperture. For travelling it would be useful to have more reach, but LX3 vs LX7 - it's only 30mm. The TZ/ZS range of cameras have a great zoom range, but the low light capability isn't quite there, with the sensor being smaller of course. But you may even consider in the interim, getting an earlier TZ/ZS model at a great price, for the trip, and take it with your LX3...  The Sony RX100 looks great, though I'd miss the 24mm, and of course for a camera of that price there's no VF.

I am actually considering moving to mirrorless m4/3/APS-C next year, and my main criteria are EVF (built in), and good IQ and low light performance. My ideal lens would be the Oly 12-50mm (24-100), but I don't like the idea of clip on VFs so the OM-D E-M5 would be the only real option; it's pricey. The Lumix GH2 or G5 are good value - especially the GH2, but I'm really interested in the NEX-6 or Fujifilm X-E1. Regards the latter I'd need to wait for it to come down in price a bit, but the IQ and low light performance is amazing.


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