D600 High ISO in DX

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Re: Roger's optimum pixel pitch of 5um

Leo360 wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Not going to bother with most of this, because you are beginning to feel that the discussion is 'going personal', and it will only get more so, so just to skip to the end...

Bob, with all due respect. First you are using a mildly insulting language,

I used no 'mildly insulting language'. All I said was that you had applied the standard textbook response without understanding. Sorry, that is what you did.

and when the other party gets offended, you use this fact as an excuse to dodge the hard questions.

I have dodged nothing. I have no interest in answering the (not so) hard questions if the other party decides to take offence at the discussion especially since they had said earlier 'I think you misunderstood what I said', which is by your own standards 'mildly insulting language'. Have the discussion on open terms or not at all.

I find this conversation very illuminating (and a nice break from D600 oil/dust). If you have time, please, have a second look.

Maybe I'll come back to your post, but for the while I'm going to engage in the continuing discussion, which might be more productive.

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