Your photo backup routine??

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Re: Your photo backup routine??

You are correct I didnt have Raid1 I had raid5, over 4 disks, which should support 1 disk failure,
BUT what they dont tell you, is that as a software Raid, it is not a true raid in the sence of a dedicated raid server.
The master disk had failed, so it should have been as simple as replacing the disk, and then reinstalling the raid config onto it, but in doing so, it wouldn't allow me to create the raid array,

unless i formatted the drive, but it wasnt the drive it was formatting but the raid array itself, catch 22. So after contacting the manufacturer to see if it was the disk it was formatting or the Raid array. I was informed it was the Disk, I let it go ahead, I then lost the entire raid. File recovery software was of no use.
Thats why i went Initially with a Drobo raid setup, but found it to be very very slow, I then went over to Qnap, never looked back.
The best thing about the Qnap system is when I upgrade mine from the 419P to the TS-859 Pro+, all i have to do is to unplug the drives and plug them into the new one, no setting up, except the ip address and jumbo frame size. I havent even got to put them back in the same order, it works out which disk is which.


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